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Welcome To Our Development Blog

The South Carolina Republican Party is pleased to announce some exciting news.

One of my goals in leading the Party is to be at the forefront on technology and using the Internet to connect to the grassroots. Today, the SC GOP today launched a new Web site at that includes a new splash page and an introductory video. The page includes a development blog that will connect you to the Party in new ways. There will be news updates and insights on how the Party is being run, with video updates by members of the executive committee, staff, and occasionally me.

One of the first efforts in our push to become a national leader with technology is the “I’m a Republican” video, which has been getting rave reviews, including from Erick Erickson at RedState, who said, “The cool thing is that this will only be the start. They are going to roll out some serious new technological tools, harness the internet, and work like crazy to grow the Party. It is well done and I wish them luck.”

The video can be seen here:

Keep checking in to as we work on growing our Party.

– Karen Floyd, Chairman