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If you are reading this blog post on the web, chances are that you know exactly what Twitter is. If you don’t, let us explain.

Over the past few months you’ve probably heard about Twitter or noticed a news anchor say something like “follow us on Twitter @foxnews.” Twitter is a great service that allows us to share quick, short messages. Created to answer the question “what are you doing?” twitter has grown way past that original purpose and is now used to share just about anything…thoughts on issues, links to important stories, urgent updates…you can share it all on Twitter.

Twitter’s popularity can really be boiled down to three concepts: speed, simplicity, and access.

It’s fast. Very fast. Instantaneous. You don’t have to spend a lot of time writing a blog and posting it to the web or recording a video and uploading it to YouTube. You can just write one sentence and hit send. Something like:

“Barack Obama is spending way too much money and putting our nation too far in debt.”

“Have you read this article about the government take over of health care”

It’s easy. Twitter is limited to 140 characters so it doesn’t take more than a few seconds to use.

You can access it from anywhere. Twitter has become very popular because you can tweet (that’s what it’s called when you use Twitter) from just about any location. You don’t even have to be on the Internet. Most people can send tweets directly from their cell phones or blackberries.

So, that’s why we like Twitter, but how does that impact the SC Republican Party?

We just launched our redesigned Twitter page yesterday and we encourage you to follow us. We will be using Twitter throughout every day to send you the latest news stories that you should read, urgent alerts, and updates from Republican events around the state.

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Want to know a little more about Twitter? Check out this video: