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The Truth About Democrat’s Health Care Experiment

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As the nation gets closer to the Democrat’s pushing this government controlled heath care bill through Congress; we thought that everyone should read the truth behind the left’s plan.

The Democrats’ Government-Run Health Care Plan Is The Wrong Solution

The Senate Democrats’ health care bill is still government-run health care by another name. It would still ration care by putting a government bureaucrat between patients and their doctors.

This health care experiment costs more than $900 billion and is paid for by cutting Medicare by $400 billion. Not only does this put seniors’ benefits and quality of care in jeopardy, it also breaks President Obama’s pledge that seniors can keep their plan and their doctor.

  • Half of those who would be newly covered under this bill would be added to Medicaid, which is bankrupting states and provides inadequate care.
    • Doctors do not support the bill because it does not permanently stop the automatic, annual cuts to physician reimbursements in Medicare.
    • Hospitals do not support the bill because it does not cover enough of the uninsured to offset the huge Medicare cuts in hospital payments.

    President Obama and Congressional Democrats will pay for this government-run health care experiment with new taxes. These new taxes would be imposed on families, small business owners, charitable giving, and even middle-class families who can least afford it.  Raising new health care taxes will hurt the economy and cost more jobs.

    • President Obama would tax Americans’ current health benefits. The Senate Democrats’ bill would tax health insurance policies of Americans valued at more than $8,000 for individuals and $21,000 for families.
    • This government-run health care bill would force states to increase taxes or cut essential services. The Senate Democrats’ bill would force states to pick up new Medicaid costs – forcing already states that are already balancing their budgets to raise taxes or cut essential services.
    • President Obama would also add a tax that would make medical products more costly and stop health innovations in their tracks. This bill would tax medical devices from hearing aids to X-ray, MRI and CAT scan machines, making these products and services more expensive and forcing medical technology companies to stop developing the newest innovative medical breakthroughs.
    • President Obama would increase taxes on small businesses and cause the economy to shed more jobs. Small businesses create the majority of jobs in American, but the House Democrats’ government-run health care plan would impose a $550 billion tax hike on small businesses earning at least $350,000 a year, forcing them to pay higher tax rates than Fortune 500 companies and making it harder for them to create jobs.
    • President Obama would increase taxes on contributions to charities that help low-income Americans. President Obama proposed to limit the income tax deduction for charitable contributions.  This would mean less money for charities, faith-based hospitals, and other non-profit organizations that provide assistance to low-income Americans.

    But this latest experiment will not be the final health care plan voted on by Congress. The real cost consequences of the Democrats’ latest government-run health care experiment will be worse than estimated.  The preliminary Congressional Budget Office estimate is based only on a set of principles, not actual legislative language.  The real legislation will be written in closed-door secret meetings, where Harry Reid plans to add provisions form the more liberal, more costly health care plan adopted by the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions committee earlier this year.

    Republicans Want Health Care Reform – Not President Obama’s Government-Run Health Care Experiment

    Republicans want to reform our health care system – it costs too much for families and small businesses. Republicans support common-sense incremental reforms that will make health care more affordable and protect the doctor-patient relationship. Republicans:

    • Believe we need tort reform to end frivolous lawsuits that drive up health care costs for everyone.
    • Want to encourage health care portability so people can take their coverage with them when they change jobs.
    • Know that Americans should get coverage regardless of preexisting conditions.
    • Support allowing small businesses to join together in order to purchase quality health care benefits for their workers at a more affordable price – just as many large businesses and unions are allowed to do.

    Both parties agree on 80 percent of these common-sense health care reforms and these ideas could quickly pass if Democrats began working with Republicans on these issues. Despite the President’s rhetoric, it has been six months since he met with Congressional Republicans on the issue.  Democrats in Congress have continually rejected Republican amendments to make health care more affordable and to protect the doctor patient relationship.