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Help Us Stir Up The Hornet’s Nest – Join Victory 2010


Dear Friend:

We’ve killed a bad immigration bill that would have given amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants.

We’re leading the fight to stop earmarks and to end the Congressional Favor Factory.

We’ve fought bank bailouts, automotive industry takeovers, and a “porkulus package” that’s putting us even more in debt to foreign nations like China.

We’re currently fighting tooth and nail to protect the private market against a borderline socialist health care proposal.

And needless to say…we’ve really stirred up a hornet’s nest. Now those hornets are looking for someone to sting, and they’re flying toward me. President Obama and his liberal allies will stop at nothing to silence their opposition. Just look at their recent attacks on Fox News!

That’s why they’ve moved into South Carolina early. The Democrats are setting up shop, funding candidates, and training new ground troops to attack Congressman Joe Wilson and me.

We cannot sit back and let it happen. We must continue our vocal opposition to big government while fighting for the conservative principles our founding fathers proudly stood on to create this great nation.

I’m happy to announce that State Republican Party Chairman Karen Floyd is as committed as I am. We’ve teamed up and today we’re ready to formally announce that Victory 2010 is open and ready for business.

Victory 2010 will be the grassroots machine that helps propel our efforts in this next campaign. As in years past, it will run our phone banks, register our voters, organize our door-to-door drives, direct our absentee ballot efforts and get out our conservative message.

In addition to my reelection, we will have a whole slate of candidates to help including Congressman Joe Wilson.

Will you help us now to counter the Democrats? Would you consider being one of the first to donate to Victory 2010 today?

Make no mistake about it… President Obama will be dumping a boatload of money into the Palmetto State and the South Carolina Democrats are already organizing under the direction of the President’s former campaign operation. We can’t wait to simply respond to their attacks and play defense for the next 12 months. This election is too important. We must take the offensive right now.

We just opened our Victory 2010 account and we need to rapidly build up our resources. Will you help us take the battle of ideas to voters? Will you help us fund the Victory 2010 effort to re­cruit, organize, and activate conservatives all across the state?

I need your help to win this campaign of ideas. Please donate to Victory 2010… today.


Jim DeMint

P.S. – Please help today by funding our SCGOP Victory 2010 effort!