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Chairman Floyd, Speaker Harrell, and Majority Leader Peeler issue statements on Boeing decision

CM Capture 1Columbia, S.C. – October 28, 2009 – South Carolina Republican Party Chairman Karen Floyd today issued the following statement on Boeing’s decision to locate its new assembly line in South Carolina:

“This is great news for South Carolina. We can all be proud of our Republican leadership team for focusing on job creation and economic development,” Floyd said. “Boeing’s decision confirms that our Republican, pro-business philosophy is the right course for South Carolina’s future. We owe a debt of gratitude to Republican leaders who have fought so hard for so long to protect South Carolina from heading down the path of a liberal, pro-union agenda. I would like to add my voice to those who welcome Boeing to their new South Carolina home.”

Boeing Delivers Economic Boom Our State Needs

Speaker Harrell comments on Boeing’s major expansion in SC

(Columbia, SC) – Boeing has now announced their decision to locate its new 787 Dreamliner assembly line in South Carolina by greatly expanding at its North Charleston facility. House Speaker Bobby Harrell made the following statement about this major economic development win for the state of South Carolina:

“Today’s announcement declares to the global business community that South Carolina is back in the game and open for business. We want you to come to our state.

“This is a great day for South Carolina and make no doubt, marks the biggest economic development announcement our state has seen in at least a decade. I would like to thank Boeing and its board members for putting their trust and their investment in our state.

“Boeing’s decision to make this considerable investment in our state couldn’t have come at a more crucial time for South Carolina. This major job creating move is exactly what our economy needs as we begin to recover from this recession. Substantially expanding their operations in South Carolina will prove to be a prosperous move, both for Boeing and for our state’s workers.

“Boeing will find a welcome home here in the Palmetto State. Our state has much to offer companies looking to do business within our boarders and has made South Carolina a major player in many leading industries.

“I especially want to commend Secretary Joe Taylor and his team at the Department of Commerce for the major role they played in making this announcement possible. By promoting South Carolina’s aviation technology resources, displaying our highly skilled and eager workforce and highlighting our state’s pro-business climate, the Department of Commerce proved to Boeing that South Carolina is an excellent investment.

“This is precisely the type of proactive economic development strategy we need to make South Carolina more competitive in today’s global economy and it is a strategy that will help put South Carolinians back to work.”


South Carolina Senate Majority Leader Harvey Peeler today made the following remarks after Boeing’s historic announcement:

“Today’s announcement marks an historical occasion for the State of South Carolina and it proves what can happen when strong leaders push conservative reforms. The nation’s hardest working taxpayers, tough ‘right to work’ laws, efficient government, low taxes, and a high quality of life have given us a sturdy advantage in our goal to rebuild South Carolina’s economy and create new jobs for our working families.

Conservative ideas alone don’t create jobs. They must be pushed by strong leaders working together behind a common goal. Today’s announcement is a testament to the bipartisan leadership of Senators Glenn McConnell and Hugh Leatherman, Speaker Bobby Harrell, leadership in both the House and the Senate, and Commerce Secretary Joe Taylor.

Today South Carolina sent a strong message to the world – we want your business and we’re committed to getting it.”