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Cherokee councilman Mathis switches parties, joins Republicans

CM Capture 8We are extremely excited to announce that Charles Mathis is joining the Republican Party. The following article appeared in the Spartanburg Herald Journal this morning.

Charles Mathis will seek re-election this year to his District 5 seat on the Cherokee County Council as a Republican.

The veteran Democrat has held the seat for more than two decades and said Wednesday his switch was not a sudden move.

“I’ve had a lot of supporters talk to me over the years about changing. When we as a candidate sign that statement, we pledge to support the party, and that’s OK for local candidates. But from the county level to Washington, I can’t support what’s coming out of there now,” he said.

Mathis said he will continue the friendships he developed over the years with members of both parties.

“This won’t affect how I vote. I’m conservative, and I feel comfortable with this change,” he said.

Cherokee County GOP Party Chairman Steven C. Blanton Jr. said Mathis was welcomed with open arms.

“I know Charles to be a true conservative, and I know he will represent the party well. Charles Mathis hasn’t changed, but the party he joined over 24 years ago has changed significantly. He and many in Cherokee County have watched the leadership of the Democratic Party embrace liberal policies they just can’t support in good conscience,” Blanton said.

Blanton attributed his party’s growth to the realization that the GOP reflects their conservative convictions.