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Liberal ACORN tactics stall Voter ID debate

CM Capture 4Our friends over at posted this blog post last night. We thought we would share it with you along with a YouTube video of Senator Larry Grooms discussing the SC Voter Id bill.

Posted on Jan 27, 2010 by Executive Editor

by Dave Wilson, Executive Editor

When the SC Senate adjourned last Thursday, Republican senators knew they were in for a fight with their Democratic counterparts come Tuesday when they returned to Columbia.

They weren’t let down.

Democratic leaders, in an attempt to stall debate on a House-passed Voter ID bill, introduced some 800 amendments this afternoon in a parliamentary move to, in essence, grind the Senate’s business to a halt and block movement on the bill that would require all voters to show a picture ID before heading into the ballot box.

Current state law requires a voter show either a voter registration card, a South Carolina driver’s license or a state-issued picture ID in order the cast a ballot. Last week, The League of Women Voters told Senators that passage of the bill would disenfranchise some 350,000 voters across the state… that’s nearly 10% of the voting population.

The Senate started to tackle the mound of amendments well into the night on Tuesday with Democrats claiming the bill is aimed at tamping down voter turnout, but Republicans say the new law would stop ACORN-style voter fraud that has yet to take hold in South Carolina.

Sen. Shane Martin, R-Spartanburg, told The State, “(Voter fraud) hasn’t made it down to South Carolina in the severity it has (in some other states). But if we are forward thinking, we can prevent some of that stuff from coming to South Carolina…”

Democrats argue this is fighting a fight that doesn’t exist and will only serve to slow down the voting process.

That’s an ironic argument, saying the Democrats are trying their best to slow the bill down so much as to miss an early-February deadline for the state to submit its plan to the U.S. Justice Department before the spring primaries.