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SCGOP lauds new agreement with conservative activists

Greenville GOP, Upstate conservative groups unveil cooperative agreement

SCGOP Chairman to implement model at state level

Greenville, SC – February 8th, 2010 – The Greenville County Republican Party and the Upstate Coalition of Conservative Organizations – a group that encompasses many Tea Party activists and a number of other groups – today announced a cooperative agreement aimed at having the two groups work together on mutual goals.

The four areas of agreement are as follows:
– Increasing precinct involvement
– Improving Communications between the Republican Party and all Coalition groups
– Creating a Liaison between the Republican Party and the Coalition groups
– Working closely to make the Republican Party more conservative.

SCGOP Chairman Karen Floyd lauded the agreement as the model that would be implemented for the state Party’s efforts to build coalitions with conservative groups statewide, and named Patrick Haddon today to oversee that effort:

“There is far more that unites us as conservatives than divides us, and I give all the credit to these groups for moving forward in this cooperative spirit,” Floyd said. “More and more Americans are waking up to realize that as government’s role grows, our liberty shrinks. I have been proud to see so many activists – Republican and independent – rise up to make their voices heard for the principles of lower taxes, individual liberty, and limited government. This is part of our Party reaching out and listening to those very citizens.”

Harry Kibler, spokesman for the Upstate Coalition of Conservative Organizations, worked to forge the initial agreement with the Greenville Republican Party:

“We are all interested in the same goal – a more conservative South Carolina,” Kibler said. “While we may not always agree on how to meet that goal, we think this agreement is a start. Having our groups work together will be of great benefit to the Republican Party and the state of South Carolina.”

Patrick Haddon, Greenville Republican Party Chairman and state 1st Vice Chairman, will head up the effort at the county and state level:

“A more conservative South Carolina will be a more prosperous South Carolina, and our goal is to elect the most conservative candidates to the most offices possible,” Haddon said. “Working together with these new activists will add strength and energy to our Party for electing conservative leaders. I am pleased to be part of this effort at the state and county levels.”