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Karen’s Blog – There’s a lot we can do!

Hello conservative friends. We have a lot going on this week so let me dive right in.

I’ve been burning up the roads, and the phones, attending as many GOP events as possible while raising much-needed funds for the November election. This weekend I visited the North Myrtle Beach Republican Club and Mrs. Cleo Steele for their 10 year anniversary. I then rushed back to Spartanburg to attend the wedding of Ladonna Rygg’s daughter. On Sunday night the boys had 7 of their teenage friends over to watch the Super Bowl. There’s never a dull moment.

By now you’ve probably heard about our big announcement in Greenville yesterday with leaders from South Carolina’s Tea Party movement. There has been a lot of news about the supposed split in our conservative ranks, but the truth is that our Republican Party is a coalition of many groups. There will always be disagreements when some parts of our party our more concerned with fiscal issues, others are more concerned with social family issues, and others are more concerned with issues of national security. Like our great nation, our Republican Party is made of many unique individuals with one common bond – the belief that our nation was founded on conservative principles and those principles can put us on the path to prosperity. I’m proud that South Carolina’s conservative taxpayers are solidified moving into this crucial 2010 election.

We cannot let liberal Washington politicians continue this extreme spending spree. This op-ed points out a number of the issues with recent over-spending

There’s a lot you can do to help us get the job done in November. Senator DeMint and Congressman Wilson are under constant attack and its our jobs to fight off Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid and send these national conservative leaders back to Washington. We also have a real chance to bring ultra-liberal Congressman John Spratt home while replacing him with strong conservative leader Mick Mulvaney. I hope you’ll consider helping us build our grassroots Army by joining our $1 A Day Team.

With just $1 a day, $30 a month, $365 a year, you can change the direction liberal politicians are taking our nation. Please click here now to learn more about our $1 a day fundraising drive.

Thanks for all you do for our South Carolina Republican Party!

– Karen