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Another one bites the dust

Columbia, S.C.  The South Carolina Republican Party today issued the following statement upon news that liberal lobbyist Dwight Drake has ended his bid for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination. Drake’s announcement was hot on the heels of trial lawyer Mullins McLeod ending his bid, which itself happened not long after yet another liberal trial lawyer, Chad McGowan, ended his challenge to Senator Jim DeMint:

“Democrats are dropping out of statewide races almost as fast as the Obama Administration is racking up debt, and that’s no easy feat to accomplish,” SCGOP Executive Director Joel Sawyer said. “The reason is simple – like their big-spending counterparts in Washington, the only ‘solution’ Democrats are offering is more government, more debt, and more taxes, and South Carolinians aren’t buying it. By contrast, we have four outstanding candidates in the governor’s race who are offering real, conservative solutions to move our state forward – and at the rate Democrats are dropping, a Republican primary might be all we have to look forward to.”