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We can take our nation back in 2010. As evident by big wins in New Jersey, Virginia, and Massachusetts and public polls showing President Obama’s popularity dropping like a rock, we know that American taxpayers are sick and tired of extreme spending and debt.

But while everyone is fed up with the Democrat’s irresponsibility, we cannot win unless we start promoting conservative ideas and alternatives.

That’s why we are launching our new SCGOP guest blog “Take America Back.” This is your forum…a place to share the ideas that can fight big government and restore American freedom.

You can start blogging now by sending your content to

Ground Rules

  1. Campaign entries are limited to 1 per week and must be issue based.
  2. Attacks on SC Republican candidates or elected officials will not be published.
  3. Blog post content may be written, audio, or video based.
  4. Blog posts may be cross-posted on other blogs, but we prefer original content.
  5. Obviously no vulgar content will be posted.
  6. All posts are subject to the approval of the SCGOP staff.