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Local Democrats: mystery man Miller is lying about who kicked the media out of Feb. 18 event

Democrat congressional candidate Rob Miller’s attempts to earn the public trust aren’t going over too well in the Second District of South Carolina.

He’s currently mired in a war of words with his own supporters, trying to blame local Democrat Party activists for his campaign’s decision to hide the candidate from the media.

On February 18th, Miller spoke to the Greater Irmo Democratic Club. NBC affiliate WIS-TV reported then that Miller’s campaign kicked out the station’s photographer when the event began.

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Last night on WIS-TV’s 11pm newscast (see attached video clip), Club spokesperson Joanne Hafter confirmed the station’s account: “I just want to set the record straight. Neither I nor anyone with GIDC made the decision to exclude the media…It was Rob’s campaign manager who was adamant about not having press coverage.”

But when WIS-TV somehow managed to get Miller to sit down for an interview, his statement about the incident to anchor Ben Hoover contradicted the accounts of both Hafter and WIS-TV.

Hoover: “We were told to leave, though.”

Miller: “Well, I, you know, not, not by my staff.”

“Even local Democrats are sensing that Rob Miller will say anything to get elected, going so far as to dishonestly throw his own supporters under the bus to protect his own image,” said Andy Seré, spokesman for the National Republican Congressional Committee. “He may be’s darling, but to South Carolinians he remains a liberal mystery man who just can’t be trusted.”