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Where in the World is Rob Miller, Part III

Columbia, S.C. – March 10, 2010 – It’s getting harder and harder to keep track of 2nd Congressional District Democratic candidate Rob Miller. When he isn’t clinking glasses with New York liberals or kicking television cameras out of public events, Miller has been doing a lot of bobbing and weaving on exactly where he stands on government-run healthcare:

Which leads to the question, “Just where in the world is Rob Miller on nationalized healthcare?”

“The healthcare fight has been the single most covered, most debated, and most talked about piece of public policy in recent memory – so refusing to stake out a position means that Rob Miller is either completely out of it, or he’s making the political calculation to try and ride the fence, both of which are a problem,” SCGOP Executive Director Joel Sawyer said. “The battle lines are pretty clear – you either favor government making your healthcare decisions, or you prefer those decisions to be left in the hands of individuals. Joe Wilson has always been crystal clear that he stands against government intrusion into healthcare decisions, and Rob Miller owes it to everyone to let us know where he stands as well.”