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SCGOP Chairman Floyd announces primary ballot questions


Columbia, SC – April 14, 2010 – When Republican voters go to the polls in June, they’ll be able to do more than pick their favorite

South Carolina Republican Party Chairman Karen Floyd today announced that the Republican Party has added two advisory
referendum questions to its June primary ballot.

One question asks voters if the state legislature should enact protections against socialized medicine being implemented in South
Carolina. The other asks voters whether the legislature should cap the growth of state spending.

The last time the Republican Party placed advisory questions on the ballot was during the 1994 primary.

Floyd said the purpose of the referendum was twofold – to send a clear message about Republican voters’ expectations, and to get more conservative voters engaged in the primary process.

“Across the state, both Republicans and conservative independents are genuinely worried about the impact of socialized medicine, and about the dangers of explosive spending,” Floyd said. “We are giving voters the opportunity to speak unequivocally about the importance of both these issues, and to send a clear message that we expect action.

“Our country is at a debt precipice that threatens the prosperity of this generation and future generations. More and more voters are waking up to that, and they are recognizing that returning to conservative ideals, rather than turning to government, is the answer. Both of these referendums deal with bedrock conservative principles, and through this process we hope to get more voters engaged with helping conservative Republican candidates get elected in November.”

A copy of the questions is below:

Advisory Questions for the Republican Party primary ballot for June 8, 201

Advisory Question 1

The healthcare reform bill recently signed into law by President Obama requires all American citizens to purchase health insurance or else to pay a fine to the federal government. The legislation also contains tax benefits and other inducements that apply only to certain states, benefits that were apparently designed to persuade those states’ Senators or Representatives to vote for President Obama’s healthcare reform Bill.

Therefore, be it resolved:
The South Carolina General Assembly should defend the freedom of all South Carolinians to make their own healthcare decisions by enacting legislation making it illegal to force the citizens of South Carolina to purchase health insurance or participate in a healthcare plan against their will, or to comply with any of the provisions or mandates of nationalized healthcare that do not apply equally to all states.

Do you agree with the resolution above?

Advisory Question 2

Growth of state spending should not exceed the growth of the economy.

Therefore, be it resolved:
The South Carolina General Assembly should enact legislation to limit state spending growth in South Carolina to a growth rate not to exceed the lesser of the annual percentage growth in income of the State’s citizens, or the growth in population plus inflation.

Do you agree with the resolution above?