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More Constitution, Not More Socialism

My name is Peter vonLehe Ruegner and earlier today I was informed, from the South Carolina Republican Party, that I was the winner of their Victory 2010 Phone Bank Campaign.

Attending this year’s Silver Elephant Banquet will be an exciting experience for me because I am actively involved in politics. Over the past year, I have worked with various campaigns and grassroots organizations to help get conservative candidates elected into office.

As a rising junior at the College of Charleston, I have witnessed first-hand the biased “liberal” agenda being pushed in the classroom. Geology professors claim “global warming” is manmade; did they not bother to pay attention to “climate-gate”? In
history we have been taught that governments can spend their way out of debt. Really? I wonder where they are getting their economic information from.

And this last example trumps the rest. My Political Theory class teaches that socialism is better than the free market capitalist system here in America. The saddest part of all is that the majority of my fellow students accept and follow this as fact.

Another thing I was astonished to learn from my classmates was that many believe the al Qaeda terrorists should not only get civilian trials, but also be granted full American citizen rights.

Since I am a conservative republican, my liberal classmates consider me to be the uninformed one and simply refuse to listen to reasonable logic. Interestingly enough, President Obama campaigned on transparency, but after he took office that promise quickly turned opaque. I see the current path our country is on and I, for one, am deeply concerned. If we continue on the current path of “bailouts” and “handouts”, we are destined to become just another socialized country.

I like making decisions for myself. Healthcare choices should be decided between my doctor and myself, not some socialist czar in Washington DC. It is high time our state government stands up to the President and his liberal allies in Congress. It is time to say “Thanks, but no thanks to all that hope and change”. Like most Americans, I have come to realize that “hope and change” are just much nicer words for socialism.

Our elected officials need to start putting people first, and partisan politics last. And lastly, all of our elected officials need to start thinking “More Constitution, not more socialism!!!”