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Where in the world was Rob Miller?

Rob Miller apparently must realize he has no chance in November against the very popular Joe Wilson, so Rob is doing all he can to pad his frequent flyer account since he’ll have lots of time to vacation after the November election.

Miller’s camp made the unwise choice to highlight Joe Wilson’s week of meeting with small business owners and workers across the Second District. What Rob didn’t tell you was that during Joe’s week of meeting with constituents, Mile High Miller was out of state shaking down liberal elites.

Hob-Nobbing Rob chose Houston as his target on June 3. Rob even made Houston Style magazine, featuring him on the magazine Flickr photo page. At last check, Houston, Texas is not part of South Carolina’s Second District.

Among the guests, big-time liberal donors Parvin and Marty McVey. The McVey’s enjoy rubbing elbows with some of Washington’s most left leaning and biggest spending politicians. In November of 2009, the McVey’s hosted Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in addition to ultra-liberal Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee and assorted healthcare and energy big shots.

Now we know who Miller likes to hang out with. While Joe Wilson works alongside his constituents, Rob is learning all about how to become a liberal big spender. While Rob Miller was on hiatus in Houston, Joe spent June 3 meeting with constituents in Aiken, Allendale and Barnwell.

The people of the Second District are smarter than this Rob.

Joe Wilson’s record of accountability and accessibility to Second District constituents is unmatched in Congress. Because of Joe’s strong stances on job-creation and cutting federal spending, he received 20,000-plus more votes in the June 8 primary than he did in the 2008 primary.

Miller is desperate for cash because South Carolina voters aren’t fooled by his act. Miller’s recent first quarter 2010 campaign finance report shows a bleak picture for Palmetto State support.

– Miller has received donations from fewer than 100 people in the Second District. By contrast, Joe Wilson has more than twice as many contributors in Miller’s own Beaufort County – 209, to be exact – than Miller has throughout the District.

– Miller only has 120 individual contributors statewide, compared to 1,547 for Wilson.

– Miller has 40 donors from California, including Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s campaign account.

– Miller’s combined take from liberal PAC’s and labor unions has totaled nearly $40,000, with roughly half of that amount coming from unions.

Yes, times are tough for Rob lately. We wish him well on his campaigning in New York, or is it California, check that, Houston! Rob apparently knows so little about South Carolina’s Second District that he might as well run for office in another state. Come to think of it, out of state voters might know more about Rob’s positions on issues like government-run healthcare and tax cuts; since he won’t tell South Carolina voters where he stands.