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Democrat Rob Miller rubs elbows with Liberals & Lobbyists in DC today




Folks back home wonder why he won’t make time for them

(Columbia, SC – July 8, 2010) Rob Miller just can’t seem to stay in South Carolina very long. The candidate who has been missing in action during most of this campaign is holding two fundraising events today in the heart of Washington, DC. And he could come back with a stash of cash from liberal check writers, too. (Click here to read more about them.)

First, Miller’s supporters are shelling out cash to rub elbows with the Wannabe Congressman at an event hosted by Bryan Cave LLP, a gigantic law firm consisting of more then 1,000 attorneys who represent everyone from Big Business to government entities. Bryan Cave also owns two interesting subsidiaries. One is a DC-based lobbyist firm — part of the insider DC network that so-called “outsider” Rob Miller supposedly fights against. The second company lists one of its services as “outsourcing,” meaning it takes American jobs and ships them overseas.

Miller will belly up to the bar tonight with his liberal backers at a fundraiser being held at Salsa Labs Headquarters. Salsa Labs provides computer software for online organizing and communications services to Far Feft groups as DemocracyInAction, the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee’s DLCCWeb and more. In short: Salsa Labs works to unite a wide array of people who do not share South Carolina values. Enjoying a little after-hours “Miller Time” doesn’t come cheap, either. The chance to down a cold one with the candidate will cost his supporters up to $500.

Attending campaign fundraisers is hardly unusual. They’re as much a part of the political landscape as shaking hands and kissing babies. But in Miller’s case, there is a deeper significance to these events, and they reveal a disturbing trend, too.

Remember the old saying, “You can judge someone by the company they keep”? It’s clear that Rob Miller feels right at home in liberal circles. So much so, he visits them quite often to keep his war chest flush with cash.

We all know that people don’t give money to a candidate with political beliefs that they disagree with. So what is Rob Miller saying to people at these elite liberal bashes that makes them so eager to hand checks over to him?

Whatever it is, he hasn’t been saying it back in South Carolina. Just last weekend, during a rare public campaign appearance at the Lexington County Peach Festival Parade in Gilbert, Miller’s staffers were busy promoting him as a “fiscal conservative.” Think Miller will be pushing that on his liberal buddies in Washington today?

Rob Miller is far more comfortable hobnobbing with limousine liberals outside South Carolina than pressing the flesh here in the Palmetto State.

And that has many South Carolinas wondering: why does he make so much time for his liberal base of support, but so little time to meet and talk with people here in the Second Congressional District?

Whether it’s kicking out news cameras at a public event or taking money from ultra-Liberal groups such as, whenever Rob Miller is concerned, you’re always left with a lot more questions than answers.

CONTACT:  J. Mark Powell
Spokesman, SC Victory 2010
(678) 767-3626