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New Information: Rob Miller’s Dishonest Attack on Joe Wilson


Rob Miller’s Inaccurate & Dishonest Attack on Joe Wilson Won’t Work

Liberal Democrat tries to divert attention from his $370,000 in Money

(Columbia, SC – July 14, 2010) Liberal Democrat Rob Miller’s campaign released a inaccurate and unsourced attack on Representative Joe Wilson this afternoon, trying to link him to lobbyist Jack Abramoff.

Joe Wilson has never met Jack Abramoff or taken money from him according to the Federal Election Commission (Source FEC), Wilson sure has met General David Petraeus, who currently commands U.S. Forces in Afghanistan.

Just this morning, South Carolina Adjutant General Stan Spears condemned MoveOn.Org, the ultra-liberal group that smeared General Petraeus’ honor and integrity. General Spears called on Rob Miller to disassociate himself from and to return the more than $370,000 the group has funneled to Miller’s campaign according to the Federal Election Commission (Source FEC).

Instead of giving a straight “yes or no” answer, Rob Miller ducked and ran, and tried to divert attention from his association with liberal extremist groups.

Miller made a false accusation that Rep. Joe Wilson took money from the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe under the direction of Jack Abramoff.  Nowhere on any FEC reports did Rep. Wilson or his Carolina Majority PAC receive money from Abramoff.  The tribe fired Abramoff in December 2003, long before donating money to the Carolina Majority PAC on October 29, 2004 (USA TODAY, September 29, 2004) .  The FEC is the official depository of all federal campaign finance reports.

“Having it both ways,” won’t work in 2010. South Carolinians aren’t in a mood to tolerate political games and dishonesty. When they ask questions, they expect honest, direct answers.

And so the questions remain unanswered: who is the real Rob Miller and whose side is he really on?  If he can’t get his own attacks straight, how can we trust him in Congress?

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