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Rob Miller’s liberal cash comes from far and wide – but little of it is from SC

(Columbia, SC – July 17, 2010) You’ve got to hand it to liberal Democrat Rob Miller: he sure knows how to keep his left-wing supporters writing checks.

The trouble is, most of them aren’t in South Carolina.

While the Second Congressional District candidate is awash in liberal cash, according to the second quarter financial statement his campaign just filed with the Federal Election Commission, it’s interesting to find out just where that money is coming from. When you take a closer look at the report, almost 75% of Miller’s contributions from individual donors list addresses located outside South Carolina!

It’s bad enough that Rob Miller jets around the country, hitting up liberals and lobbyists alike for big bucks (as he did just last week during a double-header day of fundraisers in the heart of Washington, DC). No, Rob Miller doesn’t stop there, because he knows there’s even more liberal money to be had. So he reaches far and wide, hitting up Blue State voters to dig deep into their “progressive” pocketbooks.

And how the liberals love it! Casually scroll through Rob Miller’s FEC financial report, and you’ll see contribution after contribution coming from Illinois, New York, California, Oregon – even the bluest Blue State of all, Massachusetts.

If all those people get their way, and Rob Miller makes it to Washington, would we see him stand up to the Barack Obama-Nancy Pelosi-Harry Reid Gang that’s intent on shoving their liberal agenda down America’s throat? Would we see him fight to keep our military strong and ready for whatever emergency the future may hold in store? Would we see him help create jobs, cut taxes and get the government off our backs?

That’s not the vision those check-writing liberals all across the country have of a “Congressman Miller.” They see a candidate who will keep government big, keep taxes high and promote social issues that would make people here in the Second District cringe.

He would be just another voice in the Greek Chorus that is the Democrat-controlled House. Now, you won’t hear Rob Miller say that during the rare occasions when he actually campaigns here in South Carolina. He gives just enough of the platitudes he thinks Palmetto State voters want to hear, then picks up the phone for another round of begging for Liberal dollars across the country.

Which once again keeps South Carolina voters trying to figure out: just who is Rob Miller, and whose side is he really on?