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Spendometer in Williamsburg County

Last week, I had the good fortune to visit and speak with the terrific people of Williamsburg County, during a stump meeting that featured a number of our outstanding Republican candidates and dozens of our hardworking activists. I can tell you first-hand that the Republican message of fiscal responsibility, transparency and accountability is resonating across our state, even in areas that have been historically “blue”.

In Kingstree and throughout our state, people are fed up with liberal Big Government reaching too far into their lives and wallets. And we have begun highlighting just how quickly liberals are rolling up our debts with a very effective visual aid. Williamsburg County was the latest stop for the “Spendometer,” which shows what liberals are costing us in very real terms – including money wasted, debts incurred and tax cuts opposed. As we watched the numbers on the digital readout escalate ever higher, it reminds us all the sense of urgency we must act with in order to take our country back and put our fiscal house in order. The spendometer was a big hit in Williamsburg County, just as it has been in Columbia, Lancaster and Tega Cay – and it will be making many more stops around the state.

I truly feel blessed to be in a state where people are not afraid to make their conservative voices heard. The values and message of the Republican Party are taking strong root in every corner of the state, causing the groundswell against liberal spending to become more intense by the day. Let’s make this year a memorable one by continuing to shed light on the facts and staying true to our principled message.