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Democrat Rob Miller takes almost $6,400 from group with disturbing views


Why group’s disturbing views on North Korea, Iran and more are so troubling

(Columbia, SC – July 20, 2010) Looking for a good read this summer? Forget the latest paperback page-turner. Check out the fundraising statement filed last week by Rob Miller, Democrat nominee for the Second Congressional District. You’ll be surprised – and even alarmed – by the cast of characters you’ll find there.

Thumb through the dozens of pages of donors, and some interesting names leap off the page at you. For example, there’s the $1,000 that came from the Friends of Rosa DeLauro, the extremely liberal Congresswoman from Connecticut. There’s a herd of Labor Unions with a deep history of liberal activism and anti-free market beliefs, such as $1,500 from the Service Employees International Union, which worked tirelessly for Barack Obama’s election in 2008, and $5,000 from the equally liberal International Association of Ironworkers.

But then the plot thickens. Things take a decidedly worrisome turn when you reach a group called the Council For A Livable World. This group is more than just your typical garden variety liberal. Here is why.

The group was formed in 1962, by a scientist with distinct socialist leanings. The Council for a Livable World group is so liberal that it even attacked President Jimmy Carter’s minimal efforts to upgrade the U.S. military and provide for civil defense. The Council for a Livable World opposed every attempt by America to upgrade our arsenal: It opposed the MX missile and the B-1 bomber. It even opposed the stealth technology of the B-2, which has saved the lives of American pilots and air crews.

The Council for a Livable World attacked President Bill Clinton for agreeing to sell advanced fighter aircraft to Israel, as it faced threats from Iran and Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. Less than a month after the September 11th attacks on New York and Washington, the Council for a Livable World criticized the Department of Defense’s request for additional funding to make homeland defense its top priority.

This group’s philosophy can be boiled down to this: if you sit down with your enemy and talk with them, you can reach a reasonable agreement. There’s just one problem with this approach: there are some people in the world with whom you simply cannot reason, and who refuse to negotiate honorably and fairly. (Example: try sitting down and negotiating with Osama bin Laden)

The Council For A Livable World’s website offers these suggestions for dealing with global hot spots:

IRAN: “….direct diplomatic engagement with Iran on the nuclear issue, without preconditions, should be pursued as soon as possible.”

NORTH KOREA: “…the United States must engage North Korea diplomatically to negotiate a verifiable and irreversible disarmament process and a halt to its nuclear weapons program…”

IRAQ: “…military action, when determined to be absolutely necessary, should be pursued in concert with U.S. Allies….it(‘s) time for the United States to safely and promptly withdraw its military forces from Iraq…”

AFGHANISTAN: “…concerned about the growing American military commitment in Afghanistan and the danger of becoming bogged down in a prolonged military conflict, the Council urges that an exit plan for an orderly withdrawal should be developed…”

If folks like the Council For A Livable World get their way, Iran and North Korea would have free rein to develop nuclear weapons. the U.S. presence in Iraq and Afghanistan would be prematurely ended and the thousands of American lives lost there would have been sacrificed in vain. What the Council’s founder called the “sweet voice of reason” sounds more like the “sad sigh of surrender” to America’s adversaries.

Under the headline “What you need to know” about Rob Miller, the Council For A Livable World says “he understands that a foreign policy based on overwhelming military force cannot be successful.”

The Council For A Livable World believes in Rob Miller so strongly, it has funneled nearly $6,400 into his campaign. That’s in addition to the $370,000+ he has taken from the ultra-liberal group that slandered General David Petraeus. These groups are so far removed from South Carolina values, there is no common ground.

And Rob Miller gladly takes money from groups like these that believe our military forces cannot be successful?

If you’re looking for a scary summer read, you can’t beat Miller’s latest FEC report. But a word of caution: if you read at night, be sure to keep the lights on. The thought of how Rob Miller would vote in Congress will give you nightmares.

CONTACT:  J. Mark Powell
Spokesman, SC Victory 2010
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