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Immigration: Stop The Absurdity

Just minutes ago the federal government blocked Arizona’s immigration plan from becoming law. This comes after years of failed promises to secure the border while illegal immigrants pour into our nation and take advantage of services provided by hardworking taxpayers like you.

Folks, the arrogance of the Democratic controlled Washington has gotten out of hand.  This is just another example of why we need to send strong leaders like Senator Jim DeMint and Congressman Joe Wilson back to Washington. And why we need to take elitists like Congressman John Spratt out of power.

The federal government is delegated its power by the states…NOT the other way around. They intruded on states’ rights when they pushed socialized medicine on our nation and now they’re doing it again with immigration.

It’s time to renew the conservative ideals on which our nation was founded.

Helps us send Jim DeMint, Joe Wilson, Mick Mulvaney, Tim Scott, Trey Gowdy, Jim Pratt and Jeff Duncan to Washington.  Donate now.  Your donations will help build the grassroots army that will lead us to victory.

We must take back Washington! Click here to make it happen!


Karen Floyd