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Nancy Pelosi is invading our state. She’s trying to take out our like-minded conservative Congressman Joe Wilson.  She’s trying to protect their chief budget writer John Spratt. And she’s funding the Democrats’ ground game so they can launch attacks on gubernatorial nominee Nikki Haley

We aren’t going to sit back and watch Pelosi throw her money around. She might be able to buy off the special interests in Washington, but we don’t play those kind of games here in South Carolina. We fight for our values. We stand up for what’s right.

The liberals are beginning this year’s nasty round of political attacks. The frontline has become the Internet where the liberals can hide behind a cloak of anonymity.
Will you fight back and help uncover the truth?

Will you stand up to the nasty politics dominating our nation?

We have two immediate action items!

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Let’s grow our Internet Infantry today. 


Karen Floyd

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