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John Spratt Must Return the $242,000

It looks like the numbers in U.S. Congressman John Spratt’s campaign account are about to take a nose dive. At least, they should…

According to a story in yesterday’s edition of the Washington Examiner, a federal indictment was handed out to one of Spratt’s campaign contributors. The Examiner reported, “Paul J. Magliocchetti, founder and owner of the now closed PMA Group, was indicted in U.S. District Court in Alexandria on eight counts of making illegal campaign contributions and three counts of making false statements.”

The PMA organization may sound familiar, since it was shut down last year and raided by the FBI. There were several reports that its employees and clients were allegedly trading contributions for hundreds of millions of dollars in earmarks from certain members of Congress. And as we have learned, John Spratt’s name certainly makes a bold appearance in PMA’s contribution ledger.

Rep. John Spratt, D-S.C. ($242,000)

So the question remains- what could John Spratt possibly have exchanged in return for this nearly quarter-million dollar contribution? This heated indictment of PMA’s former founder and owner must certainly be causing sweat to bead off of Spratt’s brow. He is already considered to be a troubled incumbent with strong opposition from Mick Mulvaney.

A response from the Spratt camp is yet to be announced, where they will have to state what will become of this lofty campaign contribution. Many representatives who also received contributions from PMA have already done the right thing and returned the funds. The only acceptable path for John Spratt to follow at this point is to walk over to his bank, withdraw all $242,000 and return it to where it came from.

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