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Rob Miller Commends General David Petraeus, But Keeps $370,000+ In Money

He belatedly releases statement praising Gen. David Petraeus while accepting $370k from, the liberal group that slandered Petraeus

(Columbia, SC – August 5, 2010) Liberal Democrat Rob Miller is at it again, trying to have it both ways. He thinks a throw-away comment tacked onto the back end of run-of-the-mill press release can get him off the hook with upset South Carolinians.

Here’s the story. Just a few hours ago, his campaign released a statement urging the Senate to confirm the non-controversial nomination of General James Mattis to head U.S. Central Command. So far, so good.

But then Miller concludes with this comment: “American soldiers and Marines fighting in Afghanistan deserve nothing but the best, and teaming General Mattis with General David Petraeus means that they will have exactly that.”

Whoa, hold on a minute, Rob! Did you just praise General David Petraeus, the battle-tested commander who successfully stood up to the insurgency in Iraq and drastically reduced the sectarian violence there? The same General Petraeus who did such a good job that President Obama just appointed him to command U.S. Forces in Afghanistan?

You sure did. And that puts you in a very sticky situation, sir.

You see, your campaign has accepted more than $370,000 rounded up from liberal donors all over America by That’s the same group that slandered General Petraeus’ honor and integrity with an infamous advertisement in 2007 carrying a banner headline that asked “General Petraeus, or General Betray Us?” In fact, was so proud of that disgraceful ad, it stayed posted on the group’s website until just a few weeks ago!

You can’t have it both ways, Rob. You can’t take money and support from the very people who smeared General Petraeus’ good name to advance their extremist goals, and then think a tepid pat on the back slid into the bottom of a non-controversial campaign statement will make the problem go away.

Rob Miller takes liberal money and uses liberal volunteers, then tosses out General Petraeus’ name as he panders for conservative votes.

You need to renounce and return their dirty money.

This kind of shallow, unprincipled politicking keeps South Carolinians wondering: who is the real Rob Miller, and just whose side is he really on?

CONTACT:  J. Mark Powell
Spokesman, SC Victory 2010
(678) 767-3626