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Medal of Honor recipient asks Rob Miller to Return $370,000 to

Urges liberal Democrat candidate in SC’s 2nd Congressional District to return the money

(BEAUFORT, SC – AUGUST 9, 2010) Congressional Medal of Honor recipient Major General E. James Livingston, USMC (Retired) today joined a growing chorus of military generals in condemning the liberal activist group, and the South Carolina Democratic congressional candidate supported by the far left activist organization. A Federal Election Commission financial report shows it has funneled $370, 965.10 into Rob Miller’s campaign.

“I think he ought to look at himself in the mirror and deal with that,” Livingston said at a luncheon in Beaufort. “If he’s the Marine I think he is, he’s going to look at himself and say, “You know, I’ve got to give that money back. They ( don’t fit my background and my commitment to the American people.”

Livingston reminded reporters that when General David Petraeus was about to begin Senate confirmation hearings in September 2007 prior to assuming command of U.S. Forces in Iraq, smeared Petraeus’ honor and integrity with a full-page advertisement asking “General Petraeus or General Betray Us?” Livingston said the ad was deeply offensive. “I don’t get mad often, but I got mad as hell about that. That’s the reason why I’m engaged today.”

Livingston also noted that in addition to the $370,000 channeled through, several other ultra-liberal groups have also sent money to Miller’s campaign. “Another one is the Council For A Livable World, which wants to get huggy and kissy with North Korea and Iran. These are the kind of people who are trying to influence the election here in South Carolina.”

Livingston concluded his remarks by appealing to military veterans to get involved in this fall’s mid-term elections. “So sharpen the bayonets, re-engage, polish up the brass and say ‘We’re in this fight.’ Because America is at a defining point, and the people that we send to DC must understand that we want America to be a better country for our kids and grandkids than it was for us. That’s what we’re up against.”