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Where do you stand, Vince? What are Sheheen’s positions on suits to protect state?

Columbia, SC – August 16, 2010 – Right now, South Carolina is involved in three key lawsuits aimed at protecting the state’s citizens from wrong-headed federal policies.

Each of the suits requires state resources to pursue, begging the question: as governor, would Vince Sheheen stand up for South Carolina, or would he kowtow to fellow liberals in the Obama Administration?

Currently, South Carolina is taking on the federal government over three key issues:

1. Does President Obama’s socialized healthcare plan overstep state’s rights by forcing individuals to buy healthcare, and forcing states to spend more to support the plan?

2. Can the federal government break its promise to South Carolina when it comes to nuclear waste, threatening to leave radioactive waste in our state that South Carolina took possession of with the understanding that it would eventually be moved to Yucca Mountain, Nevada?

3. Was the Obama Administration right in stopping the implementation of Arizona’s anti-illegal immigration law? South Carolina is one of nine states who have sided with Arizona in the dispute.

Previously, Vince Sheheen’s campaign has called questions regarding these issues a “distraction,” and Sheheen’s party leader in the Senate, John Land, called the suits “a waste of time and money.”

Will Sheheen support the next attorney general in pursuing these matters? Or will he attempt to cut funding for the suits? Or, will he continue his attempts to duck the questions entirely?

SCGOP Chairman Karen Floyd said Sheheen owes South Carolinians those answers now.

“These suits go the core of the conservative ideals so many South Carolinians hold dear – protecting our freedoms and our wallets against ever increasing federal encroachment,” Floyd said. “Vince Sheheen has proven very adept at dodging these important questions, which is no surprise given his career as a liberal Columbia insider. South Carolinians are smarter than Sheheen gives them credit for, and they’re going to continue demanding he let them know where he stands. He cannot hide forever.”

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