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News Release: Where Does Sheheen Stand On Pro-Life Bill?

Where do you stand, Vince? Where does Sheheen stand on new pro-life bill?

Columbia, SC – August 17, 2010 – Tomorrow, a bill will be signed that prevents abortions from being performed before a 24-hour waiting period.

The bill passed the Senate earlier this year, but no one knows how Vince Sheheen voted on it – the bill was passed without a roll-call vote.

In fact, Vince Sheheen’s entire position on abortion has been impossible to nail down. Earlier this year, during a televised debate, Sheheen referred to questions about abortion as a “trap,” and refused to answer the moderator’s question about whether he was pro-life, or pro-choice.

You can see the clip for yourself by clicking here (part 2, at the 3 minute mark).

All of this begs the question: Where does Vince Sheheen stand on abortion, and was he in favor of this bill?

“The issue of protecting the unborn largely transcends partisan lines in South Carolina. We applaud all who worked to advance this pro-life measure through the General Assembly, and applaud the governor for signing it,” South Carolina Republican Party Chairman Karen Floyd said.

“But once again, Vince Sheheen is caught hiding his views on an incredibly important issue. Would he sign bills aimed at ending abortions in South Carolina? Will he stand for the lives of the unborn? This issue is too important for Vince Sheheen to continue playing the liberal game of trying to have his political cake and eat it too.”