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Rob Miller Goes on TV; WWII Patriot calls on him to display the “courage” he touts in his ad



SC WWII patriot asks him to display it by returning $370,000+ to

(COLUMBIA, SC – August 18, 2010)   A South Carolina veteran of World War II and the Korean and Vietnam Wars is responding to liberal Democrat Rob Miller’s new TV commercial by asking Miller to display the courage he promises in it.

Miller took to the airwaves today, with a commercial that promotes his military record. All South Carolinians owe Miller, and all the other brave men and women who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan, a debt of gratitude.

Miller is apparently taking a page from his losing 2008 campaign play book and hoping an avalanche of TV advertising will send him to Washington.

One thing is different this time: his new TV ad promises “the courage to do what’s right.”

A military veteran who fought in World War II, Korea and Vietnam War veteran today joined the growing chorus of distinguished retired South Carolina military leaders calling on Miller to cut his ties to the liberal activist group

Rob Miller’s TV commercial talks about courage,” said Colonel Charles Murray, U.S. Army (retired) of Columbia. “Courage is having the strength to do the right thing. slandered General David Petraeus’ honor and integrity. Rob Miller can display courage by cutting his ties to and returning every penny of the $370,000 it sent to his campaign. Doing that would show true courage.”

Major General James Livingston, USMC (retired) and South Carolina Adjutant General Stan Spears have also asked Miller to distance himself from the group and return the money to

Lead by example, Mister Miller. Show us your courage by doing the right thing. Return all of’s money and repudiate the extremist group.