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Miller’s new TV ad reveals hypocrisy on outsourcing jobs abroad


Liberal Democrat exposes his hypocrisy by talking tough on protecting jobs,

while taking money from a company that outsources them abroad.

(Columbia, SC – September 3, 2010) Just 16 days after releasing his first TV commercial in the SC-02 District race, liberal Democrat Rob Miller is going negative in his second ad. But instead of portraying Miller as a fierce defender of American jobs, it actually reveals his disturbing double standard.

Miller proudly proclaims in his new commercial: “… I’ll never outsource South Carolina jobs.”

Wait a minute, Rob. Your actions don’t match your words.

Just weeks ago in July, Rob Miller held multiple fundraisers in Washington, DC. One was hosted by the law firm of Bryan Cave LLC. It has a wholly-owned subsidiary called Bryan Cave International Trade LLC, which is run by Evan Yee-Fan Chuck. As always with Rob Miller, this is where things get interesting.

The profile posted on says: “Mr. Chuck represents U.S. companies that offshore or outsource their design and manufacturing needs to firms throughout Asia – including China, Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, Philippines and India.”

Bottom line: Bryan Cave International Trade takes jobs from Americans, packs them up and sends them overseas. If you’re unemployed and can’t find a job, it’s because people like those at Bryan Cave International Trade make sure workers in Shanghai and New Delhi are staying busy.

And Rob Miller, the candidate who supposedly will “never outsource South Carolina jobs,” is funded by the very people who take away jobs from American workers.

There is a word for people who say one thing, but do another. It’s “hypocrite.” It’s a strong word, but Rob Miller’s actions have earned him that label.

Sadly, the TV commercial/fundraising mismatch is the latest evidence in a pattern of hypocritical behavior that defines his campaign.

Consider these examples:

  • The Lexington County Chronicle asked Rob Miller last spring about the new health care reform act (commonly called “Obamacare”). Groups such as the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) say 1.6 million American jobs will be lost as a result of it. The paper reported on March 25: “…Rob Miller said he would have voted for the bill…” Yet just last Saturday, the Hilton Head Island Packet reported: “But he [Miller] has yet to say – despite being asked directly – whether he would have voted for the bitterly contested health care reform….”
  • Again, when Rob Miller announced his candidacy in 2008, he was dead-set against runaway government spending. His news release said: “We can’t expect our economy to be strong if we continue… the policies of borrow, spend and mortgage..” Yet once again, the August 28, 2010 Hilton Head Island Packet article reports: “…Miller… said he supports stimulus spending…” which puts our country deeper in debt, thus prolonging the recession and keeping jobs from returning here in South Carolina.
  • When Miller first announced his candidacy back in 2008, his news release said Congress must repeal “the Bush tax giveaways to the super wealthy” (and, since most working Americans currently receive that soon-to-expire tax break, that means you are now considered “super wealthy”). Letting those tax cuts expire would be a serious blow to the wobbly economic recovery and to small businesses, and would trigger even more job losses.

Rob Miller’s paper-thin sincerity may play well on TV, but it won’t put a single South Carolinian back to work. Not when he is financially beholden to people who ship American jobs overseas.

If Rob Miller is elected to Congress, at least their jobs will be secure.