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Help Conservatives Have an Undefeated Season

The campaign season is a lot like an exciting drive down the field in football, where you rely on your teammates to gain ground with each play. If you can successfully avoid getting sacked by the opposition, then you will have the opportunity to do a victory dance in the end zone.

Our opponents are in a huddle right now, trying to make a play that will cause us to fumble and lose our momentum. People across the country are waking up to the liberal playbook that Nancy Pelosi and her elitist friends are implementing on our country. On the first page was a plan to overrun our health care system and to apparently do nothing about our record unemployment. Great strategy…

Since the liberals know that the momentum is in our favor, they are about to blitz conservatives with all that they have. Nancy Pelosi and her allies are funneling millions of dollars into the campaigns of South Carolina Democratic candidates. They see our state candidates as a threat to their game plan, which is one thing they are right about.

With true conservatives like Nikki Haley, Mick Mulvaney, Tim Scott, Joe Wilson, Trey Gowdy, Jeff Duncan, and Jim Pratt, they should be nervous before they take the field. We must not stand on the sidelines and watch while the Democrats try to tackle our guys. Instead, let’s score an undefeated campaign season this year!

This month, it is imperative that we reach our goal of $20,000, since that is the very minimum we need to stand up against the Washington establishment. We are not just taking on the South Carolina Democratic Party- we are up against every left-wing organization in the country.

Let the liberals know that their playbook will never work in this country by clicking here now!


Karen Floyd

SCGOP Chairman