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As Nancy Pelosi’s SC visit nears, Rob Miller stays silent on Obamacare



The Takeaway: Nancy Pelosi was the midwife who delivered Obamacare. It is now so unpopular, Rob Miller refuses to talk about it in public. Rob Miller is in lockstep with Nancy Pelosi, and Nancy Pelosi is out of step with Palmetto values.

(COLUMBIA, SC – September 21, 2010) One simple word goes a long way in explaining why Nancy Pelosi is wildly unpopular: Obamacare. Her strong-armed tactics crammed it down representatives’ throats against the will of the American people. Nancy Pelosi was Doctor Frankenstein, and Obamacare is the monster she unleashed upon us.

Six months after its passage, Obamacare has turned into an albatross that is weighing down Democrat candidates all over the country. But try as they might, they just can’t avoid it.

With Pelosi’s visit to South Carolina just four days away, this is a good time to consider Rob Miller’s position on Obamacare. True, he was not a House member when Congress barely approved the socialized hijacking of the world’s premier health care system last March. But Obamacare-related issues will remain with us as the controversial plan is phased-in during the coming years. So the question is relevant: would Rob Miller have voted for it, as did Pelosi’s liberal lieutenants John Spratt and James Clyburn?

He told the Lexington Chronicle on March 25th, immediately

after the bill’s passage, that he would have voted for it. But something quickly happened, and Miller has refused to open his mouth on the subject ever since.

Maybe that was because folks in South Carolina learned the quality of the health care they have come to expect and trust will decline in the coming years. Perhaps it’s because groups such as NFIB estimate Obamacare will kill 1.6 million jobs, and could wind up costing taxpayers $1 trillion dollars over the next few years.

More than likely, Rob Miller realized admitting he would have voted for it wasn’t a smart idea, and now hopes if he stays silent until election day, people will stop asking.

That is why Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Charleston this Saturday is significant. It is a reminder that the agenda she so aggressively promotes is not shared by folks here. Nancy Pelosi, and her puppet Rob Miller, have a different set of values.

Rob Miller is in lockstep with Nancy Pelosi, and Nancy Pelosi is out of step with South Carolina values.