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39 Seats in 39 Days

“Mick Mulvaney has the courage, common sense and respect for our Constitution that will change the way Washington works.  Defeating President Obama’s Budget Chairman will send shockwaves through the Washington establishment.  This is the most important House race in the country.”

– U.S. Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC)

This November, each voter will decide whether he or she trusts the politicians who created this mess to dig us out, or if they want to send a loud message that Washington needs to change course. 39 Seats in 39 Days is a money bomb to help Mick Mulvaney defeat Congressman John Spratt (SC-5) and regain a Republican majority in the House of Representatives by securing 39 Republican seats in the final 39 days of the election.

Unlike any other House race, the success of Mick Mulvaney’s challenge against Congressman John Spratt can send a message that shakes the big-spenders to their core and restores the balance of power in this country.

Most now recognize that, regardless the intentions of the Democrat majority, the result of their actions has been a much weaker economy, a much bigger government, and a much heavier debt burden for the next generation. This race is currently a toss-up and many consider the seat held by the 28-year incumbent Democrat Budget Chairman Spratt to be the linchpin seat— pegging Mick Mulvaney as the 39th seat needed by Republicans to regain the House of Representatives.

As Election Day quickly approaches, we need your support to raise $39,000 before the end of the financial quarter on Thursday, September 30th at midnight. Your help over the final 39 days of the election will help Mick Mulvaney regain the essential 39th seat.