Latest News now online; lets people ask the questions Miller isn’t addressing

Submit your question for liberal Democrat candidate at

(COLUMBIA, SC – September 28, 2010) Tired of waiting to hear what liberal Democrat Rob Miller thinks about a host of important issues? You’re not alone. His prolonged silence has even been the source of news stories about him kicking cameras and reporters out of campaign events, and has left his supporters scratching their heads.

So if Rob Miller is unwilling to share his views with the people of South Carolina, now they can submit their questions to him. debuted today. It features everyday South Carolinians asking questions they would like to have the Democrat congressional candidate answer. There is also a feature that allows surfers to post their own questions for Miller.

It’s sad that a need for this website exists. Rob Miller created it by refusing to speak out on an array of issues that matter to people here in the 2nd Congressional District.

Take, for example, Cap and Trade. A bill passed by the House last year that would wind up driving electricity prices sky-high. What is Miller’s opinion?

Then there’s Obamacare. The government hijacking of the nation’s health care system last spring will remain with us as its job-killing provisions are phased in during the coming years. In the days after its passage, Rob Miller said he would have voted for the bill. Then he went totally silent on the subject, and has refused to speak about it in public. People deserve to know what he thinks about it.

And consider extending the Bush-era tax cuts. They’re set to expire on December 31st, and without an extension, Americans will face the biggest tax hike in history on January 1st. When he first ran for Congress, Miller said he wanted to repeal them for people he called “the super-wealthy.” Could it be that he has realized South Carolinians want them extended to everyone so that small businesses will continue to grow and new jobs can be created?

We have to speculate on the reasons for Miller’s change of heart because he won’t talk about it publicly. Maybe he doesn’t realize it, but his silence is deeply frustrating to folks here in the 2nd District. They want to make informed decisions, and they need information to do that. Instead, they’re only met with a stone cold silence from Rob Miller on the truly controversial issues of the day.

So while Rob Miller stays “mum,” folks in South Carolina have a new outlet to let him know they’re waiting to hear his thoughts. will have to do for now, until we finally hear from the real thing.