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Congress adjourns without extending tax cuts; Rob Miller would have cast tie-breaking vote


Rob Miller Would Have Spared Pelosi From Casting Tie-breaking Vote

(COLUMBIA, SC – September 30, 2010) She did it again.

When the motion to adjourn until after November’s elections came up in the House yesterday – without members getting the chance to vote on extending the Bush-era tax cuts – the outcome was in doubt. And Nancy Pelosi couldn’t let that happen.

So she rolled into action with a highly unusual move. Politico described what happened next: “…Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who rarely votes on day to day legislation, had to cast the tie breaking vote on the adjournment resolution.” (Source: “Dems Rebuke Leaders On Adjournment,” Politico, 9/29/10)

The result? In a 210-209 vote, thanks to Pelosi’s personal intervention, the House officially closed shop and its members began heading home. They left unresolved on Capitol Hill one of the most pressing issues of this year: extending the tax cuts that are set to expire on December 31st. Unless they are renewed, 2011 will start with the largest tax increase in American history — one that will deliver a severe body blow to America’s small businesses and cripple efforts to crawl out of the current recession.

Once again, Americans have Nancy Pelosi and her strong-arm tactics to thank. Just as she did last March, when she railroaded Obamacare through the House by the slimmest of margins, Pelosi again ignored the desire of most Americans and made sure the House failed to act on extending the tax cuts to all Americans.

Had liberal Democrat Rob Miller been in Congress, he would have saved her the trouble of casting her vote. Rob Miller would have been the deciding tie-breaker.

Nancy Pelosi has made no secret of her desire to have liberal Democrat Rob Miller join her in Washington. She made that very clear earlier this year when she donated $2,000 to his campaign. She knows Miller would be another reliable vote, along with fellow puppets John Spratt and James Clyburn, as she continues pushing her job-killing agenda.

While Pelosi has made no secret of her plans, Rob Miller continues to keep his in the dark. How would he have voted yesterday if he had been in the House? Would he have stood up to Pelosi and broken ranks with his fellow Democrats and said “It’s irresponsible to adjourn without taking this important action, because Americans are counting on us to spare them from an even higher tax burden.” Or would he have stayed quiet and done Pelosi’s bidding and been the reliable vote she so desperately counting on?

We can’t tell you, because Rob Miller won’t tell you. All we can do is look at his $2,000 contribution from Pelosi, and the nearly $2 million he has received from her liberal friends, and draw our conclusions from it. And it doesn’t take a genius to connect those dots.