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“Chicken Man” scolds Rob Miller for being too chicken to answer questions


New video feature on talks about things Rob Miller won’t.

(COLUMBIA, SC – October 4, 2010) If a major party’s candidate for Congress won’t talk about issues that matter to folks in South Carolina, who do you turn to for help? Chicken Man, of course!

In a bit of cheesy fun combined with a serious message, a giant yellow chicken is tackling issues that liberal Democrat Rob Miller has been too “chicken” to talk about in public during his run for the 2nd Congressional District seat. “The Adventures of Chicken Man” is appearing on the popular website Each day this week, a new video will be added to the site, addressing Obamacare, cap and trade, card check, the looming Obama-Pelosi tax hikes and stimulus spending.

Time after time throughout this campaign, Rob Miller has repeatedly refused to talk about these issues. He has even gone so far as kicking news cameras out of public events to make sure his words aren’t repeated. That’s because Rob Miller knows his positions would wind up killing jobs in South Carolina. Rob Miller knows that telling people what he really thinks about important issues, like his support for so-called stimulus spending, would expose the myth of “fiscal conservative” that he has tried to craft for himself. Rob Miller understands that it is safer to stick to pre-scripted talking points, like his relentless attacks on his opponent, rather than speaking openly and honestly about things that people genuinely want to hear about, like the 1.6 million jobs that are expected to be killed by the time Obamacare is fully phased in.

So Chicken Man steps up and talks about the issues that Rob Miller is too chicken to discuss.

It is sad when a person seeking to represent hundreds of thousands of South Carolinians in the House of Representatives is afraid to engage in open dialogue with them.

It is even sadder when a guy in a chicken costume has to scold him for his silence.

The people of the 2nd Congressional District deserve better than Rob Miller.