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John Spratt Calls for an Emergency Meeting

Congressman John Spratt, President Obama’s budget chief, is in a panic over the lack of support from voters. According to a recent Gallop Poll, South Carolina Republicans are leading in the “likely voter” category by double digits. As a result of this shocking information (well, shocking for them anyways), Spratt is reaching out to his final bastion of ultra-liberal friends: members.

In Rock Hill this week, members of will be attending an emergency meeting that Spratt is throwing together. At this meeting, the Spratt campaign will plot ways to mobilize their liberal base and fight the conservative tide that is pouring across the state.

Their “Defcon1” status would not be necessary right now if the liberals only listened to the people all along. Folks everywhere loudly protested intrusive pieces of legislation like “Obamacare”, but Spratt is finally aware of the people’s will now that a poll comes out?

John Spratt can call in all the liberal reinforcements he wants, but unless he unveils a time machine at this emergency meeting, he cannot undo the past.

Please support our lineup of conservative candidates this fall, so we can send liberals like John Spratt a message he cannot ignore!