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Rob Miller Changing His Tune

It’s pretty difficult to take a stand on the platform of reform when you dance just like a reckless incumbent. However, Rob Miller apparently decided that it was worth a shot when he recently realized that aligning himself with the liberal status quo is a death sentence.

In an effort to unseat Congressman Joe Wilson, Rob Miller held a press conference today where he stated that he would not vote to keep Nancy Pelosi as House speaker. Miller claimed his reasoning was that Washington is broken and blames the leaders for bickering. This new development leaves a lot of us in the political game scratching our heads in wonderment.

When I heard this news, all I could think about was the millions of dollars that was funneled into Rob Miller’s campaign by Pelosi. The pandering politician would not even be in the public eye today, had the current House Speaker not worked so diligently in the past few months to fund his operation. In politics, when you accept help from a politician you are making an implicit statement that you agree with that politician’s policies. Rob Miller gleefully accepted vast sums of money from every liberal organization that Pelosi sent his way, but later bites the hand that feeds him when it serves his needs.

However, the sort of flip-flop behavior that Rob Miller displayed is exactly what is wrong with the mess in Washington. Too many candidates and politicians allow their “values” to be shifted by every slight of wind, so it is truly rare to see someone who has an uncompromising stance. The only good thing about this situation is that the American people are wise to this sort of behavior. As a consequence, Rob Miller can expect a serious backlash from voters this fall. He’ll try standing on the platform of reform, but everyone else knows that it’s just a stage for him to act upon.

By Wesley Donehue