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Bowers endorses Zais for state Superintendent of Education

Washington is corrupt and Democrats want to bring Washington style corruption to South Carolina schools. President Obama and his allies want total control of our schools, but they have no Constitutional authority over education. Education decisions belong to individual states; not Washington.

The State Superintendent of Education is the most important election on Nov. 2, and the office is extremely important to maintaining state control, and wrestling our classrooms away from Washington liberals and returning them to South Carolina teachers. Liberal Democrats understand that those who control schools not only control billions in tax dollars, but also control America’s future, thereby allowing them to impart their Godless, immoral, and socialist agenda on a captive audience of our children. Washington liberals are using our schools to wage war on American family values.

One example is Washington pressuring states to adopt Common Core Standards. Washington won’t give states the tax money taken from us unless we accept common teaching standards. To understand the issue, it’s important to know the state, through the State Board of Education, is currently responsible for teacher training and certification, textbook content, and teaching standards; the cornerstones of education.

Washington liberals want to gradually take control by forcing common teaching standards on states under the threat of funding cuts. The problem is common standards will produce common tests; common tests will produce common textbooks, and common textbooks will produce common teacher training and certification. Common Core Standards will result in total control of education by bureaucrats in Washington; not teachers, not South Carolinians.

Once Washington gets control, liberals will use common standards and biased books to indoctrinate our children into believing big government is the answer to every problem, and that capitalism and individual responsibility are bad. They will teach that evolution is fact and life really has no value since we evolved from a puddle of goo, therefore, murder by abortion is an acceptable form of birth control. And they will teach that all manner of unhealthy and unnatural sexual perversions are fine provided a condom is nearby. Think it can’t happen here? Think again. It’s already happening across the country; common federal standards mean all states must teach the same things

Thankfully, we can stop the Washington takeover of our schools by electing Dr. Mick Zais Superintendent of Education. He is a 31 year military veteran and retired brigadier general. He has actually taught students and is former president of a Christian college. He personifies our values and has the courage to challenge Washington bureaucrats.

Frank Holleman, the Democratic nominee, spent years in Washington and was an appointed education department bureaucrat of President Clinton. He is not a teacher; he is a Washington style lawyer who won’t reform education. During his term in Washington financial oversight at the Department of Education was so reckless that even his fellow Democrats demanded investigations. We don’t need a failed Washington bureaucrat overseeing South Carolina schools. We need a proven leader. We need Dr. Mick Zais.

By Phil Bowers, “The Easley Progress”