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SC GOP gives attorney general hopeful Wilson $50K

COLUMBIA, S.C. — South Carolina Republicans have put $50,000 into Alan Wilson’s campaign for attorney general.

The donation was reported in a state GOP campaign account filing Monday.

“The Democratic Party gave $50,000 to their candidate and we gave $50,000 to ours to maintain a competitive advantage in that race,” state GOP executive director Joel Sawyer said Thursday. “And it won’t be the last significant donation that you see to a statewide candidate in this cycle.”

The state Democratic Party gave their nominee, Matthew Richardson, $50,000 in June. Richardson was unopposed.

Wilson, son of U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson, finished a three-way primary with $64,600 on hand after spending $763,300. He owed $82,900 on a $333,500 campaign loan.

State political parties can give a maximum of $50,000 to statewide candidates while individuals are limited to $3,500 for each election.

The Sept. 29 donation to Wilson left the state GOP with $90 in its campaign account. Sawyer said that doesn’t reflect the financial health of the party.

“Our fundraising is very much on pace,” Sawyer said.

By “The State”