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The Final Days Are Upon Us

It truly is a terrific time to be a conservative in this country. Even though the economy is in a slump and the liberals in Washington are making a mess of things, we have something in our possession that can truly make a difference this upcoming Election Day: momentum.

You don’t have to be a political heavyweight to know that momentum is everything in any election. In the past, there are wide momentum shifts nearly every week, with no clear front-runner. However, this year there is a powerful and determined tide of outraged citizens sweeping the country with their conservative fervor. The current lack of economic and employment growth stands as an ominous testament to the failed liberal experiment, and we have had quite enough.

We are fighting a war of attrition. Conservatives everywhere are digging in and doing everything possible to help get out the vote for our inspiring candidates. In this type of fight, it all comes down to the ground game.

There are hundreds of staff members in the field, but volunteers are still needed across the state. This is our final week before Election Day, so now is the time to send a burst of energy into the field and mobilize our voter base.

In short- we need YOU. Our conservative movement has fought too hard and gained too much ground to quit now. With the momentum in our favor, we must utilize every scrap of resources to make a difference in our close races.

I have analyzed hundreds of races in my time and know that close races are won by the generous contributions of the voters. After all the campaigning and sign-waving, it always funnels down to how much support a candidate receives in the closing days. Those days are upon us and we need your help to finish strong.

Please click here now to take a final stand against the liberal policies that have ravished our nation. Our economy and millions of American families are depending on us to make this Election Day a giant victory for conservative ideals.