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The Only Choice for State Treasurer

The State Treasurer’s Office is responsible for the investment, cash management, and safekeeping of the State’s general and restricted funds and a portion of the assets of the South Carolina Retirement Systems. In a time when South Carolina families are struggling to make ends meet, we need a dependable and experienced leader to serve as our state treasurer. Here are your two options…

The Conservative Choice: Curtis Loftis

  • While Director of the Office on Aging, Curtis lead the way in a reduction of the organizational budget by 23%
  • Was appointed by the state’s Comptroller General to serve as Director of Transparency
  • Is dedicated to reducing governmental waste, fraud and abuse of taxpayer dollars
  • Has a reputation for extensive business skills and managing a tight budget
The Liberal Choice: ……

In case you’re wondering, the Democrat Party decided to not have anyone run for State Treasurer. Apparently, they didn’t think that this key office was important enough to put someone on the ballot and represent their leftist ideals. However, this scenario goes with the theme of this election season, which is that the conservative candidate is the only candidate worth considering.

Click here now to help us make conservative candidate Curtis Loftis our next State Treasurer!