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The Right Choice for Congressional District 5

The importance of who you support in Congressional District 5 could not be overstated. We have two opposite candidates in this district who are oceans apart in where they stand on the issues. Here are your two options…

The Conservative Choice: Mick Mulvaney

  • Won two hard-fought races in the SC House and State Senate, so he’s used to uphill battles
  • Believes in limited government and lowered taxes, and wants to take Obamacare head-on
  • Known in the South Carolina legislature as one of the most active and aggressive reformers in the state
  • Renowned for his strong convictions and core conservative beliefs
The Liberal Choice: John Spratt

  • Served as President Obama’s budget chief in a time of rampant spending and government waste
  • Voted for Obamacare and still enthusiastically supports it
  • Supports social security privatization
  • Is part of the liberal establishment that is responsible for the lagging economy and lack of employment growth
As you can clearly see, the two options for District 5 could not be any more different. One candidate wants to challenge the status quo and get rid of the policies that have damaged our state and nation. The other candidate wants to stay the course and fight for liberal ideals, in spite of the fact that they definitely are not working. South Carolina families need you to support the candidate who can create change this year.

Click here now to help us make conservative candidate Mick Mulvaney our next congressman for District 5!