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The Smart Choice for Comptroller General

As we all know, the biggest issue of this election cycle is the economy. We need individuals with strong fiscal aptitude and solid business skills. The Office of Comptroller General is responsible for our state’s bookkeeping, so it is extremely important that we elect someone to this position who has the experience and knowledge necessary to keep spending under control. Here are your two options…

The Conservative Choice: Richard Eckstrom

  • As the state’s Chief Accountant, he has championed fiscal restraint, accountability and transparency in all government financial transactions
  • Richard is a renowned leader in the fight to reign in out-of-control government spending
  • He established the state’s first transparency website, which gave taxpayers details on every expenditure of over 80 state agencies
  • Richard was among the leading opponents of the federal “stimulus” act

The Liberal Choice: Robert Barber

  • Former lobbyist for cockfighting
  • A political opportunist who just wants to be elected to any position
  • Lacks the accounting experience of his conservative opponent
  • Known to have strong liberal beliefs, which is a dangerous thing for someone who is responsible for our state’s bookkeeping
The last thing we need in South Carolina is a Comptroller General who is just looking for a paycheck. We need a solid leader who is proven to be fiscally smart and can budget for the future.

Click here now to help us keep conservative candidate Richard Eckstrom our Comptroller General!