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When Voting Gets Easy

With all the attention given to popular congressional or gubernatorial campaigns, sometimes the lower key (but still important) races get overlooked. In some cases, these races occasionally even get overlooked by an entire state party. For instance, below are two critical positions that both have strong conservative candidates running for them…

Secretary of State: Mark Hammond

  • As current Secretary of State, Mark initiated reforms that targeted trademark and charity fraud
  • Unveiled SC Business One Stop (SCBOS), which is a web-based program that helps new and existing businesses with licensing
  • Helped seize over $13 million in counterfeit money
  • Focused on helping businesses file more forms online and conduct business after hours
State Agriculture Commissioner: Hugh Weathers

  • Has years of experience as a dairy farmer
  • Partner in a row crop farming business
  • Is in touch with the current agricultural trends, both in technology and business
  • Strives to protect farmers’ rights and limit government infringement
So who are the Democrat opponents to these conservative candidates? Well, there is no serious opposition from the liberal party for these key positions. This goes along quite nicely with their apparent theme of absence this election cycle, since the Democrats also lack candidates for Adjutant General and State Treasurer. And one could argue, quite effectively, that Alvin Greene is not exactly a viable candidate for U.S. Senate.

Sometimes, decisions in the voting booths are really easy…

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