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The Obvious Choice for US Senate

In South Carolina, we are truly blessed to have some terrific political leaders who are known to make a difference in this state and country. Obviously, we need individuals in the Senator’s office who not only possess the appropriate levels of experience and knowledge, but also the practical leadership qualities that inspire true change. Here are your two options…

The Conservative Choice: Jim DeMint

  • One of the top leaders of the Tea Party Movement
  • Leading the fight against earmarks and special interest-driven spending that’s killing our economy
  • Has helped numerous conservative candidates get elected all across the country
  • Opposes Obamacare and will fight to repeal this divisive, overreaching legislation

The Liberal Choice: Alvin Greene

  • Is not even backed by his own party
  • Was discharged early from the military
  • Claims that DeMint started the recession
  • Awaiting felony charges for showing inappropriate images to a college student
Clearly, this is yet another example of the Democrats not running a serious candidate for a serious position. They apparently do not believe that they have a qualified individual in their ranks who is capable of campaigning against a true conservative like Jim DeMint. It seems that even the liberals are willing to admit how badly we need DeMint representing us in the US Senate.

Click here now to help us keep conservative candidate Jim DeMint as our US Senator!


Karen Floyd
SCGOP Chairman

P.S. To support our efforts to go door-to-door for Jim DeMint, please click here now.