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SCGOP Chairman Karen Floyd statement on Milliken passing

South Carolina Republican Party Chairman Karen Floyd today issued the following statement on the death of Roger Milliken:

“Words cannot describe South Carolina’s loss today, because there will never be another South Carolinian whose contributions to this state have been so impactful over so many decades,” Floyd said.

“Mr. Milliken was a business leader, whose contribution to our state’s economic engine touched more South Carolinians’ lives during his time on this earth than any other has, and perhaps any other will. Mr. Milliken was a leader, not afraid to forge his own path. His support of the Republican Party – starting with his leadership during the Goldwater campaign five decades ago – was not only a catalyst but a continuing source of strength for the Republican Party that helped turn it into the political presence that it is today. And, he was a Patriot. I know of no
one who believed more passionately in the ideals on which this country was founded than did Mr. Milliken. His dedication of time, energy and resources was unmatched, and should serve as a reminder to all of us to give selflessly for that in which we believe.

“But most of all, to me, he was a friend. It is difficult to imagine someone who on one hand was literally larger than life, while on the other being one of the kindest, most compassionate and gentle people I have ever had the fortune of knowing. He will be deeply, deeply missed, and I hope that all South Carolinians join me in offering up prayers and condolences to his family during this difficult time.”