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SC Card Check Sponsors Comment On Federal Lawsuit

Bedingfield and Peeler thank SC Attorney General for Defending South Carolina Voters

Columbia, SC – January 15, 2011 – Proving again that they’re completely out-of-touch with America’s voting population, the federal government yesterday announced its intention to sue South Carolina for passing a constitutional amendment defending voters’ right to a secret ballot in union elections. The National Labor Relations Board claims that the South Carolina “card check” amendment is in violation of the federal National Labor Relations Act. The amendment overwhelmingly passed on the November general election ballot.

Today State Representative Eric Bedingfield and Senate Majority Leader Harvey Peeler, chief sponsors of the bill, released the following joint statement:

“The Obama administration just doesn’t get the concept of states’ rights. They’re forcing Obamacare mandates on our taxpayers and now they’re telling workers that they don’t have the right to a secret ballot. Our General Assembly spoke and then our constituents agreed (86%) overwhelmingly that union intimidation will not be tolerated in South Carolina.

In this harsh economic climate, we need to be welcoming more industrial giants like Boeing to our state, not scaring them away by stacking the deck in the unions’ favor. It is unfortunate that Washington bureaucrats and politicians keep forcing us into a position to clean up their mess. We ask them to concentrate on their constitutionally mandated jobs, like securing our borders, and allow us to do what we have to do create jobs for our suffering families.

We thank Attorney General Alan Wilson for promising to stand firm against the federal government’s overreaching grasp and obvious violation of states’ rights.”