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Action Alert – We need your help on the Voter ID Bill!

Starting today, South Carolina Republicans need to make their voices heard on the Voter ID bill, as our best window for passing the bill has begun!

Both the House and the Senate have passed versions of the bill already this year, and Republican leaders in both chambers deserve great credit for making this important reform a top priority. Some differences exist in the bills, and the Party has been on record as preferring the House version.

On Wednesday, the House sent its version of the bill – a pure Voter ID bill with no add-ons – back to the Senate for a final up or down vote.

The time is now – call your Senator and ask them to “concur with,” or vote for, the House version. This vote is our best chance to get the bill sent to the governor’s desk NOW.

The Democrats have fought tooth and nail against this bill. For whatever reason, they do not believe that in this day and age of identity theft that we should have this additional safeguard in place. The Democrats in the Senate WILL mount a filibuster in an attempt to kill this bill.

The good news is that we have enough Republicans in the Senate to BREAK a Democratic filibuster, if Republicans stick together and force the Democrats to take an up-or-down vote. The state Party will be watching this debate closely, and will be following up with our activists for them to call any specific Republican Senators who refuse to help break the Democratic filibuster.

Again, PLEASE contact your Senator…their numbers and email addresses are listed below. If you do not know who your senator is, then click here now. Ask them to:

1. Vote to CONCUR with the House version of Voter ID
2. To STAND STRONG against the Democratic filibuster

Thomas Alexander- 803-212-6220;

Larry Martin- 803-212-6340;

Kevin Bryant- 803-212-6024;

William O’Dell- 803-212-6040;

Phillip Shoopman- 803-212-6032;

Michael Fair- 803-212-6420;

David Thomas- 803-212-6240;

Danny Verdin- 803-212-6230;

Lee Bright- 803-212-6108;

Shane Martin- 803-212-6100;

Harvey Peeler- 803-212-6430;

Robert Hayes- 803-212-6410;

Ronnie Cromer- 803-212-6330;

John Courson- 803-212-6250;

Jake Knotts- 803-212-6350;

Greg Ryberg- 803-212-6320;

Shane Massey- 803-212-6000;

Hugh Leatherman- 803-212-6640;

Luke Rankin- 803-212-6132;

Raymond Cleary- 803-212-6100;

Larry Grooms- 803-212-6400;

Michael Rose- 803-212-6056;

Glenn McConnell- 803-212-6610;

Chip Campsen- 803-212-6016;

Paul Campbell- 803-212-6016;

Tom Davis- 803-212-6008;

Let’s move this bill over the finish line!


Karen Floyd
SCGOP Chairman