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Florence Resolution: School District Consolidation

This below resolution was passed at the Florence county convention, and will now go to the resolutions committee. If the resolutions committee passes it, the resolution will be up for a vote at the state convention. However, before the resolutions committee votes, they want to know your opinion. Please use the comments section below to give us your opinion, and please use your real name. Thank you!

Whereas Republicans believe the proper function of government is to do for the people only those things that must be done or that cannot be done as well by individuals; and

Whereas we believe that good government is based on the individual, thus each person’s ability, dignity, freedom, personal property rights and responsibility must be honored and recognized; and

Whereas Republicans believe local control of education must be returned to the people and academic standards, testing systems, and curriculum should be set by states and local educators—without coercion from the federal government—to ensure those who know our children best are able to shape their education to excel in college and the workplace.

Whereas Republicans believe we should empower parents to have a greater role in selecting and participating in the learning environment that best serves their children’s needs and onerous federal and state requirements should be removed to ensure our teachers and local schools have the freedom to operate and innovate as they think best.

Whereas Republicans believe taxpayer dollars should be spent wisely, eliminating ineffective programs and duplication of education services to allow for making investments that help every student achieve success in an increasingly competitive world with economic turmoil.

Therefore, be it resolved that the Florence County delegation should act consistently with the Republican view of the proper function of government, respecting the individual right to the equal opportunity for a public education and strengthen our entire county by giving equal educational opportunity to every student in Florence County by the consolidation of the five Florence County school districts.

Be it further resolved that all school board members of Florence County, are hereby requested to vote for the consolidation of the five school districts which would be in the best interest of the taxpayers and all the students in the county.